What is the Crappie Limit in Texas



What is the Crappie Limit in Texas

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The state of Texas has statewide minimum length limit for crappie, which is 10 inches. The Crappie limit in Texas is made of two parts. The bag limit and the size minimum.

The bag limit in the state is 25 fish and there are higher limits on some reservoirs that border neighboring states or special seasonal regulations when fishing lakes where crappie tend to spend winter months at deep water levels making them unlikely survivors if released alive from surface level because they can’t adjust quickly enough due to rapid loss of body fluids with a decrease in pressure- their swim bladder could rupture.

These new rules were designed so it would prevent high post release mortality rates.

How many Crappie can you catch?

As a rule in the state of Texas you have a 25 count limit per day on regular waterways. There are certain reservoirs that have additional rules and allowances. The 25 limit can be made up of any combination of white, black or even hybrid Crappie.

What size Crappie can you keep?

In Texas, you can only keep Crappie that are 10 inch long minimum. States put these types of regulations into effect so that over harvesting is not an issue.

What is considered a big Crappie?

14 to 16 inches

Crappies are a slab if they are 14 inches or larger and weigh 4+ pounds. I have had some great success using live minnows to catch larger Crappie specimens.

What is the Texas state record Crappie?

The Texas state record for Crappie is 3.92 lbs for Black Crappie caught on Lake Fork in East Texas and 4.56 lbs for White Crappie caught on Navarro Mills.

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Crappie, Black3.92Lake Fork
Crappie, White4.56Navarro Mills

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I am always excited to see what I can pull out and whether its going to be a record so I am never without my favorite scale. I can weigh them fresh out of the water with the KastKing Waterproof Floating Digital Fishing Scale

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