The State Crappie Record for all 50 States: You Won’t Believe It!



The State Crappie Record for all 50 States

Crappie fishing is an activity that anglers enjoy throughout the country. Their delicious taste and sporting ability are a few reasons why they’re so popular, while most fishermen would consider any fish over 12 inches to be “a slab.”

Crappie can grow much bigger though, especially in the south. Here’s our list for America’s largest crappies caught by state:

Alabama4 lbs 5 ozFort Payne ReservoirShelley Meadows2007
Arizona4 lbs 10 ozSan Carlos LakeJohn Shadrick1959
Arkansas5 lbsLake WilhelminaDonivan Echols2011
California4 lbs 8 ozClear LakeCarol Carlton1971
Colorado4 lbs 3 ozNorthglenn LakeDaryel Thompson1990
Connecticut4 lbs 0 ozPataganset LakeUnknownUnknown
Delaware4 lbs 9 ozNoxontown PondMarvin Billips1976
Florida3 lbs 13 ozLake TalquinBen Curry Sr.1992
Georgia5 lbBibb Co. PondTheresa Kemp1984
Idaho3 lbs 5 ozBrownlee ReservoirJason Monson2003
Illinois4 lbs 8.8 ozKinkaid LakeRyan Povolish2017
Indiana4 lbs 11 ozPrivate PondWillis Halcomb1994
Iowa4 lbs 9 ozGreen Castle LakeTed Trowbridge1981
Kansas4 lbs 6 ozWoodson LakeHazel Fey1957
Kentucky4 lbs 14 ozWatershed LakePenny Hopper2005
Louisiana6 lbs 0 ozN/AN/A1969
Maine3 lbs 9 ozMessalonskee LakeQuinn Warren2016
Maryland4 lbs 4 ozIndian AcresSid Stollings1987
Massachusetts4 lbs 10 ozJakes PondJames Crowley1980
Michigan4 lbs 1.92 ozLincoln LakeFrank Lee1947
Minnesota5 lbsVermillion RiverTom Christenson1940
Mississippi4 lbs 4 ozArkabutla ReservoirGerald Conlee1991
Missouri4 lbs 9 ozPrivate PondRay Babcock1967
Montana3.68 lbs.Tongue River ReservoirGene Bassett1996
Nebraska4 lbs 8 ozFarm PondALLEN PAAP JR.2003
Nevada3 lbs 5 ozWeber ReservoirLake A. Pressey2017
New Hampshire2 lbs 15 ozGreat East LakeBrian O’Day2016
New Jersey4 lbs 8 ozPompton LakeAndy Tintle1996
New Mexico4 lbs 9 ozBlack RiverOscar W. Buck1983
New York4 lbs 1 ozLake FlaviaWilliam Wightman2018
North Carolina4 lbs 15 ozAsheboro City LakeDean Dixon1980
North Dakota3 lbs 4 ozLake OaheDon Newcomb1998
Ohio4 lbs 5 ozPrivate PondRonald Stone1981
Oklahoma4 lbs 15 ozKingfisher Co. PondFrank Robinson1991
Oregon4 lbs 12 ozGerber ReservoirJim Duckett1967
Pennsylvania4 lbs 3 ozHammond LakeRichard A. Pino2000
Rhode Island3 lbsWatchaug PondR. Sevegny1976
South Carolina5 lbs 1 ozLake MurrayMrs. H.P. Owens1949
South Dakota3 lbs 9 ozPrivate PondGary Ernst1974
Tennessee5 lbs 7 ozLoudon CountyLionel Ferguson2018
Texas4 lbs 8 ozNavarro MillsG. G. Wooderson1968
Utah3 lbs 2 ozQuail Creek ReservoirMike Flickinger1993
Vermont3 lbs 8.5 ozLake HortoniaFrancis T. Geoffroy2005
Virginia4 lbs 14 ozLake ConnerE. L. Blackstock1967
Washington4 lbs 8 ozLake WashingtonJohn W. Smart1956
Wisconsin4 lbs 8 ozGile FlowageUnknown1967
West Virginia4 lb 5 ozMeathouse ForkLeonard Edgell1972
Wyoming2 lbs 7 ozBoysen ReservoirTroy Schnepper2012
Alaska/ HawaiiN/AN/AN/AN/A

What is Considered a Big Crappie?

14 to 16 inches

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Crappies are considered a slab if they are 14 to 16 inches or larger and weigh 4+ pounds. There are not really any special techniques or tricks used to catch the slab.

What State Has The Largest Crappie?

The states that have the largest Crappie are Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Minnesota, South Carolina, and Tennessee. These states are the ones that have had 5 pound or large Crappie caught and recorded as records. With this being said, other states may have had larger Crappie caught but not recorded.

What is The World Record Crappie Weight?

Big crappie are enough to send many anglers into a frenzy, and this possible new-world record crappie is about to take the fishing world by storm. Angler Jam Ferguson caught an absolute giant of crappie in a pond in Paint Rock, Tennessee, that weighed in at a whopping 5.46 pounds.

If you want to learn more about crappie fishing – check out our guide on How to Fish for Crappie

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